PUMA - Universal FG (Black/White/Ribbon Red) - Footwear
PUMA - Osu Canvas (Malibu Blue/Blazing Yellow/Black) - Footwear
PUMA - Soleil - Suede Wn's (Black/Steel Grey) - Footwear
PUMA - Boys 1/2 Terry Low Cut 6-Pair Pack (White/Blue) - Footwear
PUMA - evoSPEED 5 FG (White/White/Puma Silver) - Footwear
PUMA - Kitara Toe Cap (Black) - Footwear
PUMA - Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite (Steel Gray) - Footwear
PUMA - PUMA S Low City (Black) - Footwear
PUMA - 76 Runner Nylon Wn's (Liberty Blue/White/Mint Leaf) - Footwear
PUMA - evoSPEED 5 FG Wn's (Astral Aura/Orange.Com/Prism Violet) - Footwear
PUMA - Zandy Dots Wn's (Black) - Footwear
PUMA - Non Terry No Show 6-Pair Pack (Dark Pink) - Footwear

Shopping suggestions

PUMA - GV Special (White/New Navy) - Footwear

PUMA - GV Special (White/New Navy) - Footwear
This classic tennis shoe was once worn by a tennis great. Super comfortable and stylish silhouette continues to be PUMA's best selling classic shoe. Full grain leather upper. Polyurethane midsole. Rubber outsole provides excellent grip. Measurem ... More

PUMA - Kitara Toe Cap (Black) - Footwear

PUMA - Kitara Toe Cap (Black) - Footwear
Add a lil' bit of bounce to your step in a pair of these playful Kitara Toe Cap ballerinas from PUMA! ; Crinkled leather uppers with high-contrast toe cap, collar trim and heel counter. ; Unlined with a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. ; Low-p ... More

PUMA - Suede Mid City Menswear (Blue Wing Teal) - Footwear

PUMA - Suede Mid City Menswear (Blue Wing Teal) - Footwear
Arguably, one of the most recognizable and popular kicks in the PUMA arsenal, if not the world. This City Menswear version of the classic Suede is a cleaner, sophisticated sneaker that you can dress up without losing its heritage! ; Signature suede ... More


Footwear Trends: PUMA Shoes

Tennis shoes will be one of the major and hip trends in footwear for Spring/Summer. They will give you the basis for the creation of traveler style so much in vogue now. This elegant worried free look is currently one of the main inspirations in the world of fashion and had guide the designers in their new collections. With audacious colors and gloss, tennis shoes will be the best accessory for you both at work, relaxing and when working out. The most stylish will be tennis shoes of bright colors and with shiny pastes from Puma collections.

The age of plain only white and black shoes is gone. White/Black base street tennis shoes are now presented in designers collections with bright colored details and side by side with shoes based on all colors of the artist palette. For men and women who want to present a sportive fashionable look while working out bright colors are the key

How to Choose Running Shoes

Studies show that a well chosen pair of shoes at 50% reduces the chances of injuries, those injuries caused by lack of flexibility, shock absorption, stability and / or biomechanical control. The forces of impact caused the race is between 3-5 times the body weight of the practitioner, if the shoe has good damping capacity, most of these impacts is scattered by the mid-sole. Flexibility is necessary because of the high degree of repetition of leg movements during the race. The stability and / or biomechanical control is also vital, all runners prone or supine in different degrees, shoes with adequate stability help offset these needs. Biomechanical control and / or stability can be obtained through the molded mid-sole, anti-pronation mid-sole double density and shape and construction rights and pasted respectively. The accommodation is extremely important, a shoe may be technically evolved, but if not be well accommodated, can not be used. A running shoe should fit on the ankle and instep, but should have enough space in the box of the fingers so that they move freely. The lifetime of running shoes is about 500-800 miles the insoles should be changed at least once during the life of the shoe.

Running shoes fall in one of the following categories: Biomechanical control (Motion Control), Stability, Damping and Performance (lightweight trainers). Biomechanical control shoes are so called because they offer great control over the axis transition of the feet on the ground avoiding both the lateral and medial, thanks mainly to the use of dual density foam in the mid-sole, buttresses and extra strong plastic devices. This class of shoes should be used by heavy runners (Men above 80Kg, Women above 65Kg). Stability class shoes are those that support without changing the user's mechanical cycle, primarily through the use of dual density foam. These should be used by light runners seeking some stabilization of hypermobility, heavy runners seeking a lighter shoe for competition or for training faster. Damping shoes are all the shoes that do not offer any support, so its main benefit is the ability of absorb shock. They should be used by runners who seek the highest damping, without the need for stability, and joggers seeking a shoe for racing or fast training. Performance shoes are designed for those runners who want a lightweight training shoe (less than 300g) for daily training. They are recommend for light runners (Man below 60kg, Women below 45kg).

The Benefits of Running for Women

Often many women feel severe abdominal pain during their menstrual period. Also the practice of physical activities such as running or jogging can help relieve colic and these contribute to greater well-being. After the menopause, physical activity also plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis as it is at this stage that the bones decalcify more and hence the need to take extra care. You will feel improvements in your body composition, especially the leg muscles and the best is that you gain new hope for life and more self-esteem!Run SafelyNot for you stay obsessed, but it never hurts to be cautious and follow these advices. Always use bright and reflective clothes. Do not run alone and with too short clothes. Take the phone. Not only in case you fall or you feel ill but can also serve to help another person who had a problem. Learn to defend yourself from bad guys and also the dogs, especially if the corresponding early or late when some owners to take advantage of the drop....

PUMA BioWeb Elite - Look Good And Feel Good

PUMA introduces the new BioWeb Elite. It's a visually stunning running and training shoe engineered to deliver maximum cushioning and stability. It wraps the foot with an innovative cage des

Puma Social Lite Collection Spot 2013


Puma Running Book by Sneaker Freaker - Berlin 2013

Voyage à Berlin pour la présentation du Puma x SneakerFreaker Running Book.

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